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Construction of Mixed Classroom in Higher Vocational English Teaching under MOOC

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.100


Yuying Li

Corresponding Author

Yuying Li


English course in higher vocational education is a compulsory basic course for students in Higher Vocational education. MOOC, as a new teaching mode, has been continuously promoted. Combining the teaching characteristics of professional courses in Higher Vocational colleges, giving full play to the advantages of MOOC and flipped classroom, a hybrid teaching mode based on MOOC is constructed. Enriching and optimizing English teaching resources in Higher Vocational colleges, setting up English courses scientifically and rationally, organizing and implementing English teaching in a diversified way, and conducting academic evaluation in a diversified and normalized way can improve the present situation of English teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges in China, thus effectively improving the quality of English teaching in Higher Vocational colleges. On the basis of making full use of information technology, we should strengthen the application of network platform curriculum resources so as to achieve the goal of autonomous learning and absorbing extra-curricular knowledge. Build a mixed teaching platform from on-line to off-line, so as to change the traditional teaching knowledge into ability cultivation, teaching into learning, classroom teaching into combination of inside and outside the class.


MOOC; Higher Vocational English; Mixed Teaching