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Research on the Content Construction of Orienteering Special Course for Social Sports Major Under the Concept of “Lean Service”

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.099


Changwen Wu

Corresponding Author

Changwen Wu


Orienteering is one of the teaching content of the main course of track and field in the undergraduate major of physical education in colleges and universities. The teaching of orienteering courses is different from the traditional methods of physical education. In order to improve the teaching level of orienteering courses, it is necessary to continuously carry out teaching research, establish teaching objectives, construct a teaching skill system for orienteering courses, and prepare for the premise of truly playing the role of orienteering courses. This paper investigates and studies the teaching of orienteering courses in colleges and universities, and analyzes the problems in the process of teaching. The skills of orienteering are summarized into six categories: reading map, compass, route selection, repositioning, checkpoint capture, and distance judgment. In view of the existing problems, this paper puts forward the implementation plan of orienteering course teaching, aiming at promoting the development of orienteering course teaching for physical education majors in colleges and universities. It provides some reference basis for the development of orienteering courses for physical education majors in colleges and universities. This paper mainly discusses the feasibility of setting up orienteering for social sports majors in colleges and universities, which is of great practical significance for promoting the reform of physical education in schools and the healthy development of orienteering.


Orienteering; Social Sports; Lean Service; Study