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Research on the Connotation Development and Implementation Path of Private Applied College Teachers Based on Classified Management System

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.098


Jianning Tang

Corresponding Author

Jianning Tang


Private application-oriented colleges and universities take the training of high-quality application-oriented talents as the goal of personnel training and the orientation of running schools. For application-oriented colleges and universities, the promotion and deepening of teachers'teaching development must correspond to the key elements of their application-oriented orientation implementation path. Under the classified management system, private application-oriented colleges and universities should further improve the salary system, mobilize teachers' enthusiasm, and implement teachers'welfare security and rights. Guarantee, implement lifelong employment system; optimize the promotion system; pay attention to the professional development of teachers, improve vocational training. The classified management of teachers' posts in colleges and universities is an important part of the reform of personnel system in colleges and universities and an important factor affecting the development of colleges and universities. Under the orientation of training objectives for application-oriented talents, teachers are required to have higher and newer requirements. They must broaden their knowledge, not only need profound theoretical knowledge, but also need rich professional skills and experience.


Classified Management System; Civilian-Run; Applied Universities; Teachers