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Research on Music Vocal Music Teaching Model Based on Computer Platform

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.097


Yinghua Bu

Corresponding Author

Yinghua Bu


Computer music teaching method is a new attempt of music teaching. It introduces multimedia computer technology into music teaching. Computer network is the basis of many follow-up courses of computer specialty. It is very important for students of this specialty to understand and master computer network knowledge and have corresponding application ability. Integrating computer music technology into modern music teaching mode is very helpful to stimulate students'creativity and enthusiasm for music. The combination of music teaching in colleges and universities with computer music technology and the reform of practical application and operation of auxiliary music theory are qualitative changes to the deficiencies in the traditional music teaching mode. The premise of realizing the technical reform of music teaching mode in colleges and universities is to construct a multimedia computer music system, which is applied to music classroom teaching, lesson preparation and extracurricular music activities in colleges and universities. Based on the computer platform, this paper explores the teaching methods and modes of modern music and vocal music.


Computer; Music Teaching; Teaching Mode