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A New Probe into the Setting and Teaching Mode of College Dance Characteristics

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.096


Haibo Zhang

Corresponding Author

Haibo Zhang


The current college dance curriculum is relatively simple, lacking innovation and characteristics. Based on this, a teacher college in the eastern part of the country is taken as an example to study the setting and teaching mode of college dance specialty courses, and analyze the Yi people with local characteristics. The reform and necessity of folk music and dance, special curriculum and teaching mode, and put forward the idea of integrating Dai dance, folk songs and children's songs into the special courses of musicology and preschool education, and initially formed the choice of superior resources and integration inside and outside the school. Teachers, setting up courses, determining teaching modes and implementing the five-step curriculum implementation strategy, and striving to explore a new way for the construction of local undergraduate courses.


Local Colleges; Dai Dance; Yi Folk Songs; Curriculum; Teaching Mode