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Basic Information on the Ways and Methods of Implementing Quality Education in Sanda Teaching in Colleges and Universities Based on Objectives

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.093


Huaidong Zhao

Corresponding Author

Huaidong Zhao


Sanda is popular among college students because it can better show the vitality and vitality of young college students in the new era. Sanda is also a new sport item in the teaching of physical education in Colleges and universities, which has been widely carried out in many colleges and universities. The article defines the concept of the target and selects the method of setting it through the method of literature, and applies the method of setting the target and the method of thinking and pushing activities to the quality-oriented teaching and training of Martial Art Sanda, providing help for the learners' learning and training. And according to the meaning, characteristics and content of quality education, combined with Sanda teaching practice, this paper puts forward ways and methods to implement quality education in Sanda teaching in colleges and universities.


Objectives; Sanda Teaching; Quality Education; Ways and Methods