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The Reform Way of Basketball Basic Movement Skills Teaching Based on Sports Image Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.092


Ming Zhang

Corresponding Author

Ming Zhang


The development of basketball guidance enriches students' sports life. Teachers should strengthen basic sports ability and improve students' basketball ability. The application of sports imagery can enhance students' memory of basic motor skills and create psychological education to guide them. It shows the peculiarity of sports image. Through the analysis of the current situation of basketball basic sports skills guidance, this paper summarizes the problems of students' training stereotypes, neglected sports appearance, lack of training methods and training time. At the same time, it elaborates the promotion of sports imagery skill guidance. The basic movements of basketball promote the guidance of sports skills, the change of guidance methods, the study of sports images, the implementation objectives of the call, and the representative point of view began to establish reform proposals f basic sports ability and increase students' basketball basic ability.


Sports Representation; Basketball Teaching; Basic Movement Skills