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Confucian Ethical Thought of Reverence and Its Enlightenment to Contemporary Moral Education in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.088


Huali Yan

Corresponding Author

Huali Yan


In China's traditional moral culture, the Confucian ethics of reverence takes up a large proportion. The core of this idea is that people need to have the heart of reverence to treat others, so as to make their hearts and bodies, interpersonal communication and even the blend between human and nature more harmonious. In today's society, as a mainstream intellectual class, the quality of students is affected by many factors, which leads to the uneven quality of students. However, the effect of normal moral education is very limited, resulting in some college students blindly absorbing values and outlook on life from incorrect thinking concepts, resulting in incorrect values and even some behavioral mistakes. The objective embodiment of reverence in real life requires people to understand the importance of respect. It is precisely because our college students lack a certain sense of reverence that the above social phenomena occur. Therefore, the implementation of Confucian ethics of reverence plays an important role in cultivating the values of contemporary college students.


Confucian Ethics of Reverence; Moral Education in Contemporary Colleges and Universities; Consciousness of Reverence