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Research on the Teaching Model of Public Computer Basic Course Based on SPOC

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.085


Xiaohui Tian

Corresponding Author

Xiaohui Tian


SPOC (limited online courses) is a new mixed education environment suitable for online learning. In addition, it is also suitable for online and offline mixed class education in multimedia network classroom and intelligent classroom. In this paper, by analyzing the characteristics of SPOC and public computer basic course education, the construction of basic SPOC course of public computer basic course education is discussed, and the teaching methods are compared according to the two modes of SPOC. In the case of flexible use, we can establish a “student learning center, teacher-led” to effectively improve students'learning ability and comprehensive quality.


Spoc; Public Computer Basic Course; Divided Classroom; Flipped Classroom