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Evaluation and Improvement Method Analysis of College Physical Education Teaching Based on Modern Information Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.073


Jianying Feng

Corresponding Author

Jianying Feng


Evaluation of college physical education is an important link in college physical education. Teaching evaluation is an evaluation of the whole process of teaching activities. It is a process of judging educational achievements and values through the implementation of the teaching process and the systematic collection and processing of information. Based on modern information technology, this paper will analyze the evaluation and improvement methods of college physical education teaching. This paper briefly analyzes the problems existing in the evaluation of physical education teaching in colleges and universities, and discusses the characteristics of physical education evaluation and the principles that should be followed in evaluation. The traditional teaching mode pays too much attention to students' physical and motor skills, while ignoring the generation of students' internal sports literacy. This has caused many problems in the current physical education teaching. Therefore, changing the traditional teaching evaluation mode has become an important topic in the current physical education field.


Modern Information Technology; Colleges and Universities; Physical Education