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Research on the Teaching Reform Model of Art Theory Courses in Colleges and Universities under the Background of Pluralism

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.068


Yang Ran

Corresponding Author

Yang Ran


The teaching of art theory courses occupies a very large part of the whole teaching system. The teaching in this period is to lay a theoretical foundation for the subsequent creation of art works. The function of the theory itself is to be able to be applied to the content of practice and to be improved and developed in the follow-up practice. However, in the process of teaching art theory courses, there are some problems that hinder the development of the course, and students are not efficient in learning and poor teaching results in the process of learning art theory courses. The degree of mastery of the theoretical curriculum is low and the ability to transform into practical results is not high. Through analyzing these problems, this paper finds the reasons for the problems, and puts forward practical suggestions and suggestions for the problems. Finally, it can change the teaching status of the art theory courses, and promote the art theory courses to play their due role.


Diverse background; college art theory curriculum; reform model