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Construction and Practice Exploration of Secondary Teaching Quality Monitoring System Based on Undergraduate Teaching Evaluation Index System

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.065


Huaiyu Fan

Corresponding Author

Huaiyu Fan


With the continuous reform of China's education system, China's education is to enhance its teaching management program. Taking the second-level teaching as the main management plan, in order to ensure the quality training of the second-level teaching can also ensure the stable development of the talents, and then the construction of the secondary management system is crucial for the undergraduate education. In the construction of secondary teaching, it is necessary to clarify the methods of teaching management to strengthen the supervision of secondary education in colleges and universities. Establish an evaluation system and reward mechanism on the information management platform, and improve the information of various feedbacks to ensure the orderly conduct of the second-level teaching.


Secondary teaching quality; monitoring system construction; undergraduate education