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Research on Talents Training and Professional Industrialization of Social Sports Majors in Western Regions--Exploration of the needs of fitness and health care professions to adapt to the job market

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.062


Li Zhen

Corresponding Author

Li Zhen


The current “Belt and Road” has become one of the main strategic forms of the development of the western region, which has led to the great difference between the economic production mode of the western region and the economic development thinking of various industries. The current western society is in a stage of increasing demand for sports talents in fitness and health care. It is necessary to further industrialize and scale the curriculum setting, the transformation of teaching methods and the mode and system of training talents. Under this premise, the employment model of talents in fitness and health care has tended to be “two-way choice.” The current fitness and health profession in the west is developing its talents. Its goal is mainly to set up a relatively balanced state for the needs of talents in the market and the cultivation of sports professionals in the process of industrialization of the profession. This paper aims at the research and analysis of the training of social sports professionals in the western region and the professional production of sports professionals. It will eventually provide a theoretical analysis for the training of fitness and health professionals in the west and employment in the future.


Western region; social sports professionals training; fitness and health professional