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The Present Situation and Solution Strategy of Nursing Training in Higher Vocational Education

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.058


Wang Yanxia, Yan Peifang

Corresponding Author

Wang Yanxia


With the continuous development and progress of China's medical industry, at this stage, the demand for nursing talents in the medical industry is increasing year by year. Under this circumstance, higher vocational education institutions in many regions have opened higher vocational nursing professions. The ultimate goal is to deliver more quality nursing talents for the development of the medical industry. In the teaching of higher vocational nursing, the practical teaching work is extremely important. The main function of this teaching is to improve the practical application ability of nursing students' theoretical knowledge. From the perspective of reality, at this stage, under the background of quality education, the effective development of vocational training and teaching activities is extremely important. The effective implementation of this teaching activity not only helps the improvement of nursing practice ability of higher vocational students, but also It also contributes to the improvement of the professional quality of vocational students. It can be said that it is extremely important for the comprehensive development of vocational nursing students. However, the current status of vocational training in higher vocational education is not optimistic. There are many more significant problems. The emergence of these problems has become the main reason hindering the development of vocational nursing training. This paper mainly analyzes the status quo and solution strategies of nursing practice training, aiming at further improving the quality of nursing training in higher vocational schools.


Higher vocational nursing; practical teaching; practical ability; current situation; solution strategy