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Interactive and Playful Design of Preschool Children's Picture Books

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.054


Zhu Yuqing

Corresponding Author

Zhu Yuqing


The current early education of children has become one of the important hotspots of social concern. This is also the result of the increasing number of children in China and the importance parents attach to children's education. Preschool children's picture books are one of the important reading materials for children in the process of early learning, showing a great influence on children's values, the world's cognition and common sense. The current demand for preschool children's picture books is expanding, and many picture books have been put into the market in China. However, these picture books are presented in a single and traditional way, which cannot attract children and show no influence, leading to their own educational functions. Did not play its role. If preschool children's picture books want to be able to enhance their appeal, they need to play the gameplay and interactivity of the picture book itself, enrich the content of the picture book, and encourage children to have great interest and attention to the picture book.


Preschool children; picture book design; gameplay; interaction