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The transformation of art design education brought about by VR technology in the digital age

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.052


Jin Aihui

Corresponding Author

Jin Aihui


The development of science and technology has brought digitization in various fields, and the digitalization of education has been rapidly popularized. The main purpose of teaching art design is to enable students to master the theoretical knowledge and practical operation ability related to art design and promote Students have the enthusiasm, participation and initiative of lifelong learning. By applying VR technology to the actual teaching life, the actual effect of teaching can be enhanced. The existence of VR technology will give quite a lot of possibilities and unknowns in the future. The students of art design majors should be able to cultivate their ability to analyze stereoscopic space in the process of learning, and the existence of VR technology is exactly This ability can be effectively cultivated, and combined with the software to display on the classroom, students will further study the learning space analysis and explore the space modeling creative thinking.


Digital age; VR technology; art design education