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The Design of Artificial Intelligence Multimedia Courseware and Its Application in Contemporary Art Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.051


Wu Xihuang

Corresponding Author

Wu Xihuang


Artificial intelligence as a multi-disciplinary interdisciplinary frontier scientific field, it is more and more important in modern society, at the same time, countries around the world also regard it as a key development strategy. The teaching of AI course benefits from the production and design of multimedia courseware and the collection and editing of various teaching materials. Contemporary art, as one of the important factors close to our life and reflecting our life, understanding aesthetics, learning to appreciate and understand contemporary art are increasingly becoming an important part of national education. However, the traditional contemporary art is often too single and boring in courseware design to arouse students' love and desire for aesthetics. This paper will take the design experience of the artificial intelligence multimedia courseware as the reference template, combine the technology of multimedia audio and video to design the contemporary art courseware, stimulate the students' independent initiative to the contemporary art learning through the multimedia technology, and cultivate the students' thinking ability and aesthetic imagination.


Artificial intelligence multimedia courseware; contemporary art teaching; multimedia audio and video technology; contemporary art teaching courseware; aesthetic imagination