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Analysis of the Influence of Aging on Medical Nursing Education in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.050


Sun Xiuqin

Corresponding Author

Sun Xiuqin


At this stage, under the background of the aging of the population, China's population aging shows the characteristics of being old and not getting old, especially in areas with backward development levels. The characteristics of aging are more prominent. The demand for medical care for the elderly is increasing rapidly. It is urgent to establish elderly hospitals, elderly rehabilitation hospitals, elderly nursing homes and community medical care. It is necessary for medical colleges to train more elderly general practitioners, elderly specialists, rehabilitation doctors, and elderly psychologists. Elderly specialist nurses, etc. The deepening of the aging will have a greater impact on the future medical care education for the elderly in China. This paper first introduces the connotation of population aging and related theories, and analyzes the current situation of population aging and the impact on medical nursing education in colleges and universities. In order to cope with the trend of gradual deepening of aging in China, it is recommended that colleges and universities do a good job in the training of teachers in the system of medical nursing talents, establish a training center for senior medical teachers, increase investment in practical talents, and build multi-level and multi-directional elderly service personnel. Teaching system. Prepare for the pressure of the elderly medical care and health care system in advance, and guide the medical and health care industry to develop smoothly and healthily.


Population ageing; Hdemand theory; Medical colleges; Nursing education; Impact analysis