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Research on the Inheritance of Humanistic Spirit in Folklore Process from the Perspective of Psychological Education

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.049


Song Jiajia

Corresponding Author

Song Jiajia


With the emphasis on traditional culture, intangible cultural heritage, including traditional crafts, has been vigorously protected. In the process of protection, inheritance and revitalization of traditional crafts, scientific and technological rationality needs to be better integrated with humanistic spirit, and must not be neglected. As a materialized form of traditional culture, traditional folk crafts are deeply rooted in traditional culture. They are not only the reflection of social production and life, but also the reflection of national folk culture. This article mainly explores the protection, inheritance and development of traditional folk craft creations from the aspects of humanistic spirit, rational spirit and technological attributes of traditional Chinese folk craft creations, and also provides necessary theoretical support for their protection, inheritance and development. In this paper, the inheritance of humanistic spirit in folk arts and crafts from the perspective of psychological education is discussed to provide reference for related research.


Psychological education; Folk craft; Humanistic spirit; Protection and inheritance