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Research on the Reform and Research of Inverted Classroom Teaching in College Ideological and Political Education Based on New Media Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.046


Yang Lili

Corresponding Author

Yang Lili


The campus flip classroom teaching with the network and mobile phone information platform as the main body has an increasingly deep impact on college students. How to continue to effectively use traditional classroom time and meet the individual needs of students in the information age has become an urgent problem to be solved. This research aimed at the challenges faced by colleges and universities in the new media era, and explored the ways in which new media technologies can be used to reform classroom education in ideological and political education, in order to innovate the teaching methods of ideological and political education in the new media environment. At the same time, it drawed on the experience of various ideological and political education work, and considered the innovative path of ideological and political education work for college students in the new media era.


New Media Technology; College Ideological and Political Education; Flipping Classroom; Teaching Reform Method