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Analysis of Practical Path of College English Teaching Reform Based on Big Data

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.045


Yang Shu

Corresponding Author

Yang Shu


The application of big data technology in the field of education has attracted the attention and discussion of many researchers, including the research and practice of College English teaching. Big data provides great convenience for data collection, analysis and application of English and teaching behavior. Therefore, it is particularly important to maintain the awareness of big data and apply big data technology in College English teaching. College English teaching practice is based on the characteristics of big data technology. It demonstrates how college English teachers can meet the needs of change from the perspectives of selection and acquisition of teaching resources, analysis of teaching and learning behavior trajectory, teaching monitoring and evaluation. College English teachers need to keep the awareness of collecting, analyzing and applying data at all stages in order to improve the teaching quality, realize effective English teaching and improve learners' comprehensive ability of using English.


Big data; English learning; College English Teaching reform; Practical analysis