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Research on the Teaching Mode of Team Basketball Training Cooperation Concept

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.042


Bin Liu

Corresponding Author

Bin Liu


This paper takes the students of College Basketball Optional Course as the research object. Research status of domestic and international cooperation are on the basis of the teaching theory. The cooperative teaching model theoretical basis and teaching program and in basketball elective classes teaching practice to conduct in-depth and detailed analysis. Theoretically proved that cooperative teaching pattern for the cultivation of comprehensive influence quality of students in college basketball elective course teaching. Teaching practice teaching mode is applied in basketball elective course of high type to prove that cooperative learning teaching mode not only than the traditional teaching method is more advantageous to improve the physical quality of students. Special technology and other basic teaching goal through cooperative learning, but also in improving the students' sense of cooperation, team spirit and other aspects there are one's own knack in.


Cooperative Teaching Method; Course of Choosing Basketball; Non-cognitive Abilities