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Multimedia and Network Technique applied in the Piano Teaching and Playing

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.040


Peng Liu

Corresponding Author

Peng Liu


Nowadays, with the rapid development of digital information, our classroom becomes an information studying environment day by day. Multimedia and network technique are used in every learning area. Piano teaching music education in college is becoming a strong profession. Multimedia and network technology are applied to piano teaching and musical performance that represent a new teaching idea and practice styles. The diversification trend of music teaching and greatly promoted students' absorbing ability have increased the extensive use of multimedia-assisted instruction in music teaching. Conclusions have been drawn from the research that multimedia-assisted instruction can improve the absorbing ability of students' music learning, that teaching courseware of informative and interesting content may enhance students' interest in learning, that effective interaction between teachers and students can improve the effectiveness of multimedia music instruction, and that students accepting more multimedia-assisted music instruction turn to have better absorbing ability.


Multimedia; Network; Piano teaching; Performance; Application