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Research on the Guidance Strategy of College Students’ Targeted Employment in Application-oriented College

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.031


Chang Jianbao, Yu Lingling, Huang Kai

Corresponding Author

Chang Jianbao


Applied universities have always attached importance to the application of students' professional knowledge and the cultivation of comprehensive quality. The purpose is to enable them to reserve professional skills, professional guidance and precise services in the future employment process. How to carry out the employment guidance work is related to the smooth employment of graduates and the overall quality of employment. This requires that the employment institutions of colleges and universities should focus on improving the employment competitiveness of students, grasp the foundation, find reasons, find a way out, and find ways. Careful planning, fine implementation, precise guidance, and precise service have promoted successful employment for students and promoted the solid development of employment.


Applied colleges; Career guidance; Precise management