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Exploration of Dunhuang Element Animation Garment Design in Participating Classroom

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.026


Gao Dengming, Luo Jian

Corresponding Author

Gao Dengming


Participating classroom teaching is an important link of practical teaching. Participating teaching method can greatly increase the enthusiasm of learners in the practical classroom. In the participating classroom, Dunhuang elements are used for animation and clothing design. Different from traditional teaching, students will be the main body of teaching in the classroom. Through the investigation of the characteristics and elements of Dunhuang frescoes, clothing will be made. In the whole teaching process, every student will get enough free display opportunities, can give full play to their own strengths and show their personality, is an important form of cultivating innovative spirit and practical ability.


Animation; Costume designing; Subject teaching