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Research on the Practical Application of Positive Energy Vitality Field Based on Place Spirit in Public Space of Colleges and Universities in Jilin Province

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.024


Zhang Weiliang, Rong Xia, Chang Dan

Corresponding Author

Zhang Weiliang


The spirit of place in colleges and universities lies not only in its objective existence, but also in its spirit. The establishment of campus public space with place spirit can exert positive influence on students and even the society. A clear location and a sense of identity and belonging to the campus can enhance the communication and dialogue between people and society in an open, pluralistic, harmonious and symbiotic environment. At the same time, people's communication and activities in the place constantly change the image characteristics and memory imprint of the place, so that the place characteristics of the campus are also in constant construction and continuation. Make the campus public space a composite carrier that meets the needs of colleges and universities and highlights the characteristics of the campus. Better highlight the functions, cultivate talents, and develop the country's education policy.


Place spirit; University campus; Public space; Positive energy; Vitality field