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The Influence of Reading and Writing based on the Emotional Factors of English Writing of the Non-native English Majors

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.021


Jiang Huamei

Corresponding Author

Jiang Huamei


This article uses literature analysis, questionnaire survey, and experimental research to explore the impact of reading and writing on the emotional factors of (attitude, anxiety, self-confidence) of non-English majors in English writing, as many existing studies have confirmed the promotion of reading and writing on English writing by (Chen Hui, Zhang Na: 2018; Sun Qinmei, Wang Wei: 2018; Wang Chuming, 2015). However, the current research based on reading and writing is mainly focused on the language structure which rarely involves the student to explore the emotional factors. The purpose of this paper is to shift the focus of research from language ability to student writing emotional factors and the study was conducted by 90 students in the second year of clinical medicine and dentistry at the Karamay College of Xinjiang Medical University. The study lasted for 14 weeks, including pretest, experiment and posttest.


Writing after reading; Emotional Factors; Non-English majors; English writing