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Research on the Cultivation of Cross-cultural Awareness in College English Translation Teaching Based on Flipped Classroom

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.019


Minfang Wang

Corresponding Author

Minfang Wang


Translation requires us to have a deep understanding of western culture. Therefore, in college English translation teaching, teachers not only need to teach translation skills and theories, relevant cultural background knowledge, but also pay attention to the cultivation of cross-cultural awareness. Translation ability reflects students' comprehensive English quality. In the process of concrete translation, its essence is the process of interaction and communication between the two cultures. This paper takes the definition of related concepts as the main research starting point, briefly expounds the related content of flipped classroom and cross-cultural awareness, analyzes and constructs the flipped classroom teaching mode in college English translation teaching, and infiltrates the importance of students' cross-cultural awareness. The cultivation of cross-cultural awareness in College English translation teaching based on flipped classroom plays a positive role in stimulating College English learning interest, cultivating learning ability and improving language practice ability.


Flipped classroom; College English translation teaching; Cross-cultural awareness; Culture