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The Role of Peer Relationships in Language Learners’ Development: A Constructivist Perspective

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.017


Qiuju Dang

Corresponding Author

Qiuju Dang


Language is one of the universal social phenomena of the human world. By utilizing language, human beings realize the interpersonal communication and the transmission of cultures from one generation to the next. Achieving the capacity to speak fluently and use language properly is also an important task for every individual’s cognitive development. For different levels of language learners, peers play a significant role in the development of their linguistic competence. Therefore, the primary concern of this paper goes to the role of peer relationships in language learning, and then devotes its concern to what teachers should do to enhance learners’ all-round growth through utilizing the positive peer relationships in the process language learning.


Peer relationships; Linguistic competence; Constructivist perspective