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Cultivation of Double-professionally-titled Business English Teachers under PCK Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.009


Zheng Wenwen

Corresponding Author

Zheng Wenwen


Against the current background of “one belt, one road” initiative, demand for business English professionals is growing faster. However, due to the separation of the subject education and teacher professional instruction, business English major is facing such a problem: English teachers have no commercial background; business teachers have no language teaching ability. Enhancing teacher’s professional quality and cultivating double-professionally-titled teachers has become an urgent issue. The article tries to write from the current status of business English teaching at colleges and universities based on the PCK theory raised by American educator Shulman, and puts forward several possible paths for future business English teaching reform with “six combinations”.


Business English; PCK; double-professionally-titled teachers; effective teaching