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Research on the Connotation, Difficulties and Ways Out of the Construction of High-level Specialty in Higher Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.002


Kaitai Hua

Corresponding Author

Kaitai Hua


The construction of high-level higher vocational colleges must have characteristics and development, which meet the needs of the transformation and development of regional economic strategy. In order to make high-level vocational colleges more able to meet the needs of national strategic development, therefore, this paper studies the connotation, predicament and outlet of high-level professional construction in higher vocational colleges. Through the analysis of the connotation and predicament of professional construction in high-tech colleges and universities. The final result shows that for higher vocational colleges that are committed to providing corresponding talents for the national market economy, in order to seize the opportunities of industrial restructuring and technological upgrading, it is necessary to adjust their talent training policies in a timely manner. Moreover, according to the adjustment direction of the industrial structure and the requirements of enterprises for talents, improve their own talent training programs, scientifically and rationally optimize the professional training structure of talents, and continuously strengthen the connotation construction of higher vocational professions.


Higher vocational colleges; High-level specialty; Connotation of construction; Difficulties and Solutions