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A Study on the Practical Strategies of Integrating the Guanxue Culture into the Politics Teaching in Junior Middle Schools: The case of Xi'an Junior Middle School Students

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.001


He Wenhua, Hu Qian, Wang Duo

Corresponding Author

He Wenhua


Youth is the hope of the country, whose growth is related to the future development of the country. Junior middle school stage is to improve the teenagers' ideological and moral qualities, enhance the students' moral quality and cultural confidence of the critical period. Chinese excellent traditional culture contain abundant moral connotation. Guanxue, as an important part of Chinese excellent traditional culture, the thought connotation in spirit and behavior still have important influence on people living in Guanzhong area of China, and its cultural content and moral quality also plays an important role of the development of junior middle school students physically and mentally. It is essential to the ideology and morality education of students to incorporating the essence of Guanxue culture into junior high school politics teaching.


Guanxue culture; integration; junior high school politics teaching; practical strategy