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Chinese Enterprises "Go globally" Tax Legal Risk Prevention in the Context of "The Belt and Road"

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DOI: 10.25236/ICFIL.2019.054


Xiaoxiao He

Corresponding Author

Xiaoxiao He


"Go globally" is an important way for Chinese enterprises to integrate deeply into the value chain of the world economy, and the tax system has the dual effect of promoting and suppressing. "The Belt and Road" along the tax environment is complex, the enterprise's own tax risk prevention ability and other comprehensive factors may lead to enterprises involved in tax risks. International taxation issues such as international double taxation, international anti-avoidance, and controlled foreign company rules should not be underestimated. The state and enterprises need to promote the joint promotion, strengthen the enterprise tax risk prevention and control coordination, to ensure that enterprises "Go globally" legitimate tax benefits.


"The Belt and Road"; Enterprise "Go globally"; Foreign tax risks; International tax cooperation