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Research on Financial Security and Perfection of China’s Financial Law System

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DOI: 10.25236/ICFIL.2019.053


Zhixia Liu, Jianhua Ren

Corresponding Author

Zhixia Liu


The steady development of national economy can not be separated from the support of financial security. Only by doing a good job in financial security can we ensure the steady development of society. With the development of the country, people have changed their ideas. Financial problems are not only those that the country and enterprises need to face, but also people should pay more attention to. In order to ensure financial security, the relevant departments are required to formulate corresponding financial law system. This paper introduces the current situation of China’s financial security, analyses the existing problems, and gives countermeasures to promote the perfection of China’s financial law system, hoping to provide some help for the development of financial security work.


Financial security; financial law; system; analysis