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A Study of Civil and Commercial Law Based on Moral Education

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DOI: 10.25236/ICFIL.2019.049


Duan Lin

Corresponding Author

Duan Lin


Moral education is the core driving force of national prosperity and development, and also an important link in the process of talent training in the new era. Similarly, as an important role in China's social development, civil and commercial law is also an important course for colleges and universities to train law talents. This paper summarizes the problems in the process of civil and commercial law education through the overview and content analysis of the concept of moral education. Combining with the current trend of education in the era and the demand of the market for talents, this paper puts forward some reform strategies on teachers, teaching methods and teaching ideas, hoping to provide some theoretical reference for promoting civil and commercial law education in Colleges and universities.


Moral Education; Civil and Commercial Law; Social Development; Time Education