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Research on Copyright Law Conflict under the Network Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/ICFIL.2019.048


Wang Zhuo

Corresponding Author

Wang Zhuo


With the continuous improvement of the network environment, the occurrence of network copyright infringement has led to a greater conflict of legal systems in various countries. Among them, the lack of legislation and the determination of connection points are the key issues in the conflict of copyright law application in the current network environment. According to these conflicts, the specific reasons and solutions can effectively alleviate the conflict of copyright laws in the network environment and optimize the network copyright environment. In view of this, on the basis of fully exploring the specific causes of legal conflicts in the network era, this paper puts forward the root causes of the problem of legal application, and further proposes specific solutions, with a view to providing some reference for the solution of copyright legal conflicts in the network era.


Internet; Environment; Copyright law; Conflict problems; Coping strategies