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The Principle of Personal Information Protection based on the Perspective of Civil Code

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DOI: 10.25236/ICFIL.2019.043


Peng Du

Corresponding Author

Peng Du


With the rapid development of the information revolution, the quality of information equipment has gradually improved. The successful development of the information revolution has brought people into the information age. In this new era, information has the same unpredictable value as knowledge, and to a certain extent can provide necessary support for the country to improve its international competitiveness. At present, personal information has become an important resource for the new era of technology. Transforming the objective world has become an important part of the human concept, and there is a corresponding information record for every social practice. On the one hand, information brings convenience to our lives. On the one hand, bad information threatens our healthy life. In this paper, the author takes personal information as the basic entry point and actively explores the principle of personal information protection based on the perspective of civil code.


Civil Code; Personal Information; Protection Principle