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Analysis of the Dilemma of Citizen Participation in Urban Community Governance

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DOI: 10.25236/ICFIL.2019.042


Hao Zheng, Chuanyuan Peng

Corresponding Author

Chuanyuan Peng


The work of urban community governance is an important basis for realizing social management. Citizens' participation in this behavior is a solid foundation for building socialist democratic projects. In the long-term development, there are some problems in the urban community governance of our country, mainly reflected in the phenomenon of urban community development and low participation of social citizens. From the perspective of urban community governance, citizens participate in urban community governance as the main body of governance. It can properly help and influence the urban community governance. Therefore, based on this, we will improve the current urban community governance organization, system, cooperation, etc., and through the formulation of corresponding laws and regulations, clarify the main status of governance, and guide citizens to participate in the innovation and reform of urban community governance.


Urban Community Governance; Citizen Participation; Social Analysis