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Effective Measures to Improve the Supervision Activities of Community Correction Personnel

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DOI: 10.25236/ICFIL.2019.041


Shuli Wang

Corresponding Author

Shuli Wang


At present, various social problems and interests diversification bring various resistance to the application of community correction. The pressure from external institutions, the disjunction of linking procedures and the pressure from community correction institutions all affect the effective allocation of community correction in the application of penalty by people's courts. The community group has serious thinking of severe punishment and is indifferent to and repels community correction personnel. In addition, the lack of survival skills of the correction personnel makes the application of community correction insufficient. Interfering factors in the application of community correction need to be solved and prevented by coordinating various forces. Therefore, academic research can not only stay at the level of surface analysis of the application of community corrections, but also must explore the motivation behind it and find corresponding countermeasures. Only when the legislative system is perfected, external influence factors are reduced, correctors and community groups are updated, and so on, can the community correction system be more scientific. It will play a certain role in promoting the progress of the rule of law in the country and contribute to the progress of the entire country and the nation.


Community Correction; Personnel Supervision; Effective Countermeasures