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Research on the Law of Copyright Protection of Artificial Intelligence Products

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DOI: 10.25236/ICFIL.2019.040


Yale Ma

Corresponding Author

Yale Ma


With the continuous increase of China's economic level and the continuous improvement of comprehensive national strength, especially since entering the new era, China's electronic information technology has been greatly developed. Artificial intelligence has entered the lives of the broad masses of the people in China, according to artificial intelligence. The process of creating products can be divided into two major categories, namely, the first type of products with human beings as the core and the second type of products with artificial intelligence as the core. However, due to the lack of the legal system, there are certain differences in the copyright ownership of artificial intelligence products. In view of the above problems, this paper starts with the concept of artificial intelligence and generators, through the qualitative research on artificial intelligence products, finds the problems existing in the current artificial intelligence products and copyrights in China, and proposes certain solutions to generate artificial intelligence in the future. The copyright of the object provides a certain idea and theoretical basis.


Artificial Intelligence; Product; Intellectual Property; Legal Protection