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An Approach to Realization Scheme of Late-Advantages in Late-Developing Regions

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DOI: 10.25236/cstss.2019.082


Li Fei

Corresponding Author

Li Fei


Later-developing advantages realization is a significant issue for economics in underdeveloped region. The study forwards the conception of the later-developing advantages summarily, based on theoretical analysis and normative analysis, after reviewing the researches of later-developing advantages. And the study tries to form a new frame of later-developing advantages analysis. In view of the ontology, regional innovation provides a theory analytical basis for realizing the later-developing advantages. Then, from the points of methodology, the object-procedure-subject model shows the important mechanism to realize the later-developing advantages. Finally, from the perspective of value theory, this paper studies the strategy to enhance regional innovation ability, and evaluates the realization of regional innovation capability.


Late-developing Regions, Later-developing advantages, Regional innovation