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Environmental Kuznets Curve Analysis of Agricultural Pesticide and Film in China

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DOI: 10.25236/isafb.2019.047


Li Fei

Corresponding Author

Li Fei


The study analyzes the relationship between agriculture related environmental pollution and economic growth, in agricultural pesticide and film application, using the dynamic panel model and panel conintegration methods. It is shown that there a strong inverted U shaped Kuznets curve in agriculture pesticide, and agricultural film related Kuznets curve has no significant inverted U-type relationship, while it is an increasing linear relationship. Agricultural pesticide and agricultural film related pollution, to a certain extent, might continue to increase with economic growth. In the future, the focus of China's environmental pollution control need to be shifted from urban point source pollution to agricultural non-point source pollution, especially pesticides regulation as the main field urgently.


Environmental Kuznets Curve, Agricultural Pesticide, Agricultural Film, Panel Conintegration