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Analysis and Enlightenment of Cultural Factors Influencing College Students' Entrepreneurial Intention: Take Bourdieu's Concept of Fieldas the Model

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2019.070


Jin Zhao, Xiangcheng Cui

Corresponding Author

Jin Zhao


College students' entrepreneurship is not only an effective way to relieve employment pressure, but also an important opportunity to promote economic development and realize education transformation. Bourdieu's field theory shows that people's practice behavior is affected by field and habit, and there are cultural constraints behind field and habit. Several factors in China's traditional and modern culture affect the entrepreneurial motivation, will, ability, risk and other aspects of college students. To improve the entrepreneurial intention of college students, it is necessary to treat traditional culture correctly and cultivate entrepreneurial culture actively.


Entrepreneurial intention, culture, in the field, rituals