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Research on the Language Innovation Process of Independent College Students in College English Learning

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2019.064


Wang Shan, Liuna Weng

Corresponding Author

Wang Shan


The reform and innovation of college English teaching has been continuously promoted. The diversified goal of college English teaching has attracted the attention of scholars. More and more people also use curriculum teaching and network resources as teaching content to update the teaching curriculum, making the teaching content more inclined. Diversification. Based on this, the paper takes the college English course of an independent application-oriented undergraduate independent college as a case, and combines the students' actual situation of English learning, tries to construct the mixed teaching mode of course teaching and online English resource teaching, and carries out the learning situation of the students. Data analysis explores an English learning pathway for students who are accommodating and independent.


Independent college, College English learning, Language innovation, Teaching reform, Classroom teaching, Network resource teaching