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Recent progress on “case study applications” and bilingual teaching in education of food science

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2019.061


Tao Yang, Yurong Yang, Caihong Lan, Jian Wu, He Zhu

Corresponding Author

He Zhu


Food science courses has developed into an interdisciplinary comprehensive science. Its purpose of running the school is to cultivate the ability to adapt to the needs of modern society and the development of global market economy, with solid foundation and professional knowledge, strong practice and innovation ability, high comprehensive quality, entrepreneurial awareness, ability to engage in food production and technology management, scientific research, new product development, quality control, engineering design, Market development and other aspects of work, for the agricultural industrialization service of composite application-oriented Food senior talents. “Case study applications” and bilingual teaching are the critical teaching methods in food sciences education, which is not enough applied in food sciences teaching. We reviewed the most potential teaching methods with this two teaching means, that could improve the quality of the education for food science.


Case study applications, bilingual teaching, food science education