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Probe into the Integration of Human Destiny Community and Life Education in Higher Vocational Normal Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2019.060


Lisha Ying

Corresponding Author

Lisha Ying


Probe into the integration of human destiny community and the life education in higher vocational normal colleges is conducted in this paper. Life education is an educational activity aimed at cultivating "all people". Education management is a means to achieve goals which is to create the positive conditions for the healthy growth of the life. Only then in scrupulously follows the social mainstream values, handle kindlies and respects other lives under the premise, the life free only then possibly truly becomes the reality. This kind of freedom is in the self-achievement, the self-awareness gradually matures foundation the self-restraint with the self-control result but is not self-benefit supreme having one's wish. This paper proposes the novel perspectives on the mentioned issues and gives the proper solutions.


Human Destiny Community, Life Education, Normal Colleges, Analytics