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The Simulation and Realization of Palletizing and Handling Production Line by Industrial Robot Based on Augmented Reality Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/AISCT.2019.092


Wang Wei, Li Yongmei

Corresponding Author

Wang Wei


In recent years, robot technology has received the attention from world academic field, industry and government. There is an increasing demand for applied talents in robot, so the rapid cultivation of high-end talents in robot is one of important tasks for colleges and universities. Besides, simulation system of industrial robot, as powerful instrument for analyzing and studying industrial robot, plays a positive and critical role in classroom teaching and enterprise training. This paper, taking current palletizing and handling production line by industrial robot in Southeast University Chengxian College as the research object, based on augmented reality technology, realizes virtual interaction by programming by virtue of Unity 3D software development platform. Taking training teaching into account, and combing the practical application in factory, a 3D virtual simulation system based on six-axis industrial robot is developed in this paper. In order to augment the sense of reality in entire virtue scene, this system, with the three dimensional modeling software, 3DMax, performs 1:1 three dimensional virtual simulation modeling according to palletizing and handling production line by industrial robot, so as to further improve the experience of learners and help their robot operation and application study.


Augmented reality; virtual simulation; industrial robot; palletizing