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Research on Logistics Vehicle Routing Optimization Based on Improved Ant Colony Algorithm

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DOI: 10.25236/AISCT.2019.091


Wang Xiufan

Corresponding Author

Wang Xiufan


Aiming at the multi-objective optimization problem in logistics distribution, in order to manage vehicle routing more reasonably, a logistics distribution path planning model based on improved ant colony optimization algorithm is proposed to minimize the distribution cost. Firstly, the logistics distribution vehicle scheduling model is analyzed, and then on the basis of ant colony algorithm, 2-opt algorithm is used to improve it. When the search falls into local optimum, the probability of random selection is increased to avoid the premature phenomenon of ant colony. Finally, an example is given to validate the model. The results show that under the same environment, compared with the traditional ant colony algorithm, the improved algorithm can optimize the distribution path accurately, has faster optimization speed, and can effectively reduce the cost of logistics distribution.


Logistics vehicle; Route optimization; Improved ant colony algorithm; 2-opt algorithm