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Network Threat Intelligence Analysis Based on KNN Classification of Knowledge Atlas Characteristics

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DOI: 10.25236/AISCT.2019.082


Wang Wenting, Zhang Hao, Liu Donglan, Liu Xin, Jing Junshuang

Corresponding Author

Wang Wenting


As a new subject, Cyberspace Security not only involves information security and Cybersecurity in the traditional sense, but also extends the meaning of information space security in addition to land, sea, air and sky. By using the map of scientific knowledge, it can clearly and intuitively analyze the current research situation and development trend in related fields, and grasp it. Its research trends and future trends have certain practical significance for guiding the development of related research work. The research on Cyberspace Security is still in the initial development process of combining and subdividing information security, Cyberspace Security and cyberspace security.


Cyberspace security; knowledge map; research status; development trend