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Design of Enterprise Innovation Resource Allocation Scheme Based on Multi-objective GERT Network

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DOI: 10.25236/AISCT.2019.081


Yansong Li, Jianfeng Lu

Corresponding Author

Yansong Li


Firstly, the paper analyzes the common problems of goal setting in enterprise innovation resource allocation. It also clarifies the rationality of multi-objective planning to improve the utilization rate of enterprise innovation resources and optimize the allocation of innovation resources. Secondly, the GERT network model of enterprise innovation value flow is constructed by taking the basic process of enterprise technology innovation as the clue and GERT network method as the theoretical platform. Then, the implementation scheme is designed for the rational allocation of enterprise innovation resources. The study enriches the theoretical research on enterprise innovation resource allocation In addition, it is another application of GERT network theory which has certain guiding significance for optimizing enterprise innovation resource allocation and making relevant policies.


Multi-objective planning; GERT network; Enterprise innovation